Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What can I wire form?

Look at these…..


We created them using a technique that’s commonly referred to as ‘wire bending’ or, as the industry like to refer to it, ‘wire forming.’

Wire bending, as the name suggests, involves producing a variety of different shapes from metal, be it carbon steel, stainless steel or brass. The materials can be varied in diameter and any specification; the wire forming/bending parameters are incredibly vast.

Working within such extensive parameters means there’s very little that can’t be wire formed (it’s just that the time and level of attention that goes into creating each project varies, depending on the complexity of the brief).

The diameters, materials, specifications and briefs may vary, as does the type of equipment/method used. To enable us to achieve the highest quality end result we use a range of tools/tooling, from small tools, such as a V-Bend, for more intricate, hand-pressed creations, to larger tools, such as power press tooling, to producing eye hooks for example, but for most jobs, we use our hydraulic and mechanical bending machines, which enable us to form wires more cost effectively, as we don’t have to factor in the added cost of tooling.

So, that’s a top-level overview of the practicalities of wire forming, now let’s take a quick look at what this popular metalwork technique can be used for (tip – pretty much anything!)

We’ve wire formed:

·         Aeroplane magazine pockets
·         Boxing ring rings
·         Hose guides
·         Stools
·         Chairs
·         Tables
·         Paint jigs
·         Hangers
·         Cabin hooks
·         Ceiling supports
·         Handles
·         Railings
·         Cooker grill wires

We have even made an England flag which we put outside our factory unit in support of our teams for last year’s FIFA World Cup and again for the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Ruby World Cup this year. And here it is:

If it’s metal, we can wire form it, and we often do for the automotive, leisure, architectural and garden industries. But don’t just take our word for it, get in touch with us to discuss your wire forming requirements with us. You can reach us on or 0121 773 0465.