Thursday, August 29, 2019

We’ve spent 40 years in the automotive fast lane – and there’s no slowing us down

We work with customers sector-wide, but it’s our relationships within the automotive industry that’s fuelling our engine.

When we first started out, we mainly supplied JCB with various wire-formed components and pressings for their earth-moving equipment.

Almost 40 years later, we’re still working with JCB. As one of their Preferred Suppliers, we provide welded fabrications and wire-formed and machined products for their backhoe, earthmoving, digger and service divisions.

In the meantime, we’ve made multiple inroads elsewhere across the automotive industry too.

80% of our work is for the automotive sector

When our team of engineers aren’t producing hundreds of components for JCB, they’re working with Tier One automotive suppliers who work with some of the most established and luxurious brands around.

They can (and often do) count on us to consistently meet their welded fabrication needs. From laser cut plates and bent bars, to straight bars, tube and stillage cages, which we’ve been manufacturing for almost a decade.

Meanwhile, a lot of our time is spent machining components for much larger projects, such as digger parts for JCB. You’ll also find us wire-forming components, such as wires for paint jigs, and machine turning parts, such as sleeves and bushes for bearings. But that isn’t everything – it’s a tiny snapshot of what a typical day involves for our talented team.

Many of our automotive customers also come to us for our MIG and TIG welding capabilities – we can weld stainless and mild steel and aluminium with a plated or powder-coated finish.

Driving quality results

Like most businesses who’ve been established for as long as we have, our people and processes have evolved over the years as we’ve honed our services and skills. However, our unfaltering commitment to quality has always remained.

Everything we do, all of our outputs, are underpinned by our ISO-accredited quality management system (ISO 9001 2015). This involves monitoring and mapping every element of our work, from initial enquiry through to procurement of the highest quality materials and delivery of the final product. On top of this, we regularly inspect and maintain our machinery so that it operates at optimum performance. We also regularly train our staff so that they continue to be the best in the industry.

This approach, which is integral to the way we work, makes sure everything we produce is of the highest quality and in line with our industry regulations, as well as our customers’ own industry standards. For instance, we make sure that all of the components we produce for JCB are in line with their own standards system, which covers everything, from the grade of the material we use, to the weld and finish spec.

It’s this commitment to quality that enables us to turn our work around quickly. For example, we can deliver a wired, machined or welded assembly project involving around 50 parts within just four days, from initial enquiry to delivery.

We really do pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ deadlines and, if required, will work overtime to meet them. We’re also more than happy to switch our production schedules around so that they work alongside customers’ lead times.

"We needed some high quality machined and fabricated products on a project for a major supermarket. Rochford made everything so easy delivering everything on time and to our budget. It has been a pleasure to continue working with them ever since. Keep up the good work"
Mark McCleary - Operations Director - Berrys Technologies Ltd

Our roots are firmly embedded within the automotive world. From the very first days of solely working with JCB, to every day since then that we’ve accelerated our insight and industry-leading results for our extensive automotive sector customer base.

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